E-wallet application may be implemented at any place where there is a commercial interaction between the card holder (purchaser) and the product or service supplier. The shopping hereby is paying for and receiving the product or service. 


The units and the service provisions that can incorporate e-wallet application in METU are: 


The Cafeteria

  • Table d'ote and à la carte bill payment at the top floor personnel dining hall
  • Table d'ote and à la carte bill payment at the top floor dining hall 
  • A la carte and turnstile table d’ote bill payment at the ground floor dining hall 
  • The turnstile entry point at both dining halls for the students with mess allowance

The Library 

  • Fine payment for overdue books 

The Student Affairs Office

  • Transcript fees, authorized document duplicate fees, identification card costs etc. 



The Social Lounge  

  • Palm order and bill payment at the top floor dining hall 
  • A la carte bill payment at the bottom floor dining hall 

The Faculty Club

  • Palm order and bill payment 

The Pool 

  • Entry fee payment for the sauna, the open-air swimming pool and the covered swimming pool


The Sports Center 

  • Sports centre entry fee payment 
  • Course fees payment


The Baraka Gymnasium

  • The fitness hall and the synthetic field entry fees payment



In the cafeteria, which is one of the units where e-wallet application is in use at METU, it will suffice to hold your smart card a few centimeters to the card readers at the turnstiles. If your card holds money or is properly authorized for food allowance, the reader will give a "beep" and the turnstile will open up unless there is no physical problem with your card. 


At the social lounge or the faculty club, handing in your smart card to the waiter before ordering is all that has to be done. You may pay the bill using your smart card at the table or at the cashiers before leaving. 


At other application areas there are attendants at the pay points and you will have to hand in your smart card to them to make a payment.