Smartcard-Account Linking

If you have not used your smartcard before, follow the steps below to activate your card in the new machines.


Step 1: If you are using your smartcard for the first time, place your card as shown in the figure. Cüzdanmatik will display the menu from which you can select an action to proceed. Your card should remain in place duringn this procedure.




Step 2: In order top deposit virtual money to your card you have to link it to your bank account. For this action, which is necessary for the first time only, select "Hesap Eşleme" (Account Linking) option on the menu and place your ATM or credit card on the lower part of the machine.




Step 3: In order to deposit virtual money to your card, select "Sanal Para Yükleme" (Deposit Virtual Money) from the menu. Your smartcard has the same password as your ATM card. After you are logged in, select the amount you want to deposit to your card. If you have linked your card to your credit card, your virtual money deposit will be considered as a credit card expenditure. You can withdraw the virtual money, which you have deposited to your card, back to your bank account using "Sanal Para Boşaltma" (Withdraw Virtual Money) option on the menu.





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